That Is The Question:

With so many different social media channels now available, businesses have a greater opportunity than ever before to post regular engaging content for their customers and prospects on a daily basis. However, this can be daunting to first-time social media business users and can be a difficult marketing strategy to master, even for experienced agencies. After all, every social platform is different to the other, appealing to different demographics, needing a different tone, style, and even character count, so as a business owner where do you focus your efforts?

This question will have to be answered by the business owner themselves, albeit with advice and guidance from their digital marketing manager (should they have one). If you do want to succeed in creating a successful social strategy you need to get familiar with how each platform works, what kind of audience each network will reach and how you as a business owner can get the best use out of each social network. Remember, just because you decide your business needs to have a social media presence, it doesn’t mean you should be on every social platform. It’s critical that you choose the correct channel for your business making sure your content reaches its targeted audience.

Once your research is complete and you have found the channels to post from, it’s time to come up with a content & digital marketing strategy. Then comes the implementation, when & what to post? At what time and how often? Again this can be daunting but not something you cant overcome with time and patience. Firstly, you will need to grow your audience. After all, you need people to see all of the amazing content and informational pieces you are now ready to show the world, ready to start growing your brand and driving online business through social selling. Then it’s up to you how often you would like to post but you can use the amount of engagement you are receiving as a benchmark.


Monitoring your social channels is also extremely important, this doesn’t just mean keeping tabs on what you’re posting but looking for instances where your company is mentioned online. The benefits of this can be amazing for your company and sometimes may even make you change your content & social strategy, so remember listen to your audience (good or bad) as they are the same audience you will look to turn into paying customers so heed what they say and tailor your content to their needs and you will find online success will follow soon after.


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