Barry O Callaghan
Are you prepared for the social selling era?

With phones now an integral part of everyday life it’s not an understatement to say that this gives marketers today the distinct advantage of being able to reach their audience in real time as they go about their daily lives.

Not only are we spending more time than ever on our mobile devices but now more than ever we are more comfortable taking our whole customer journey right from the comfort of our handset.

This is the reason I always ask the question.

Are You Ready To Implement A Mobile Marketing Strategy?

We are now expected to take full control of our customer experience so no matter what device they see it on we better make sure its a good one because if we dont then we give them the opportunity to go elsewhere.

As marketers, we need to align with our buyer’s behavior. With more than half of people consuming media via smartphones, again we need to make sure we offer the best experience possible.



Has your business implemented a social selling strategy yet?

“If Social Media Never Sleeps Then Neither Should You.”
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