APRIL, 2020

Covid – 19
Business Strategy

In this, a time of crisis, it’s crucial that marketers around the world take action to lead their companies’ response and strategy on how to conduct business in the world of COVID-19. This will be critical in maintaining the brand reputation they have worked so hard to build so as not to lose it in an instant.

Most companies WILL bounce back from this pandemic, but to do so, they will not only need to be more agile with their messaging but also more considerate in their communications.

With many businesses of all sizes and infrastructures right now worried about their long-term futures, it would be easy to forget to speak to the people who keep the lights on; The Customers!



This is not just for B2C but also B2B facing companies because after all marketing and sales as well as support and every other function that make a business tick is at its essence H2H (Human To Human). It’s a human who will answer that call, and it’s a human who will open that email, so right now, we have to reach out to that human with a message of solidarity and support as we are all in this together.

Contact your customers to let them know they’re not alone. We’re all facing the same issues right now and many people are getting used to a new way of doing business such as working from home. In lieu of face to face meeting we will have conference calls, Teams meetings, Slack meetings, Skype and the rest. Remember that we are the lucky ones who still get to work through this. Others less fortunate have been left jobless during the current climate.

It’s imperative that (if not done already) companies put out COVID-19 business statement on what, at least, the short-term plan is to work through this tough time.

“He who wants his future to be better than the present must work for it now to make it.”

This situation is rapidly evolving, and we’re not sure of what news we will wake up to each day. We need to let our customers know that although the office may be closed, for now, you still have a full workforce ready to carry out the same level of service you always have, and all that has changed is location.
Barry O’Callaghan
Never have companies needed to communicate with their customers as much as right now. People should understand that closing new business deals in the coming months may become sparse. By continuing to communicate proactively with your customers and giving them an avenue to stay connected through email, social channels and websites will continue to make sure you stay directly engaged with those people who were here before the crisis will be here after the pandemic.

People buy people, and right now, people need people, so don’t be that company who is not there for their customers be that company who is that rock of support in a sea of uncertainty.

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